Bold B56 770mm, Tank, R1

Bold full preparation line. B56, Tank and R1

  • The Bold preparation line is the perfect set up.
  • One of our best sellers.
  • All of our products are refurbished to an extremely high standard.
  • Any parts needed have been replaced with new.
  • B56 - Professionally fully regritted, new seals, gaskets, drive pin, lead, plug, gear oil, etc.
  • Peels 56lb/25kg in approximately 1 - 2 minutes.
  • 13 amp (1 phase)
  • 770 mm discharge.
  • Tank - Stainless steel with adjustable feet, eyeing tray included, open/close tap.
  • Holds approximately 15 bags of potatoes.
  • R1 - New belt, any size knife block available, chip 25kg in 60 seconds, on/off button, Safety interlock switch is fitted to the hopper to protect the operator.
  • Stand included.
  • 3 months warranty.